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240 Echo Lake Rd.
Watertown, CT 06795
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Im Very Pleased With Everything. They Didnt Let Me Leave With Out Giving The Right Car. Nice Service There. I Recommend This Place. Eraldo, John and Al Helped Me Find The Car Of My Dreams.

Elsie Gonzalez

Okay so I bought a car from this place. I was able to negotiate him down, it's family owned and they all seem nice. However not trustworthy. I don't know why it never occurred to me but I never tested the horn, but apparently it didn't work. He fixed it for free, but he was also willing to sell me a car that he claimed was safe and clearly wasn't. The car also needed an oil change, and the headlights were mismatched. I mean these are little things that would go a long way with used cars.

Stephan Papandrea

I bought the car of my dreams an Audi Q7 here. Very low miles and reasonably priced. The guys are very accommodating and helpful. I absolutely love my truck!

Merelyn Gardner

Great guys, they fixed my car and sold my friend a car with a good deal.

Richard Chief

Super amazing service. They really care on doing things right!! Def the best in the area.

Andi Zaimi

Great Service and a friendly atmosphere,Good quality cars , happy with my purchase!

Armand Dervishi

I purchased a car, which i love. No hasle, and no need for hageling. Cause they have great prices on all they vehicle's. And the service is exactly what one looks for. When i damaged a shock on my GTI. HOC took care of business. At a reasonable price. And the work is top notch, high end quality. I highly recommend HOC. For any and all of your vehicle needs.

Elliot Aponte

I bought a car from here a few days ago, I highly recommend this place. Great staff and great service.

Sejdi Sejdarasi

We had bought a car from this place about a month ago we ended up with unexpected problems . They had gone above and beyond to make sure they had solved our issue the best most affordable way possible helping with rides to and from work if necessary I highly recommend this place if you want customer satisfaction they try there best in every field thank you again for all your help House of Cars.

Brett Busch

Purchased a 2009 MINI today and had a wonderful experience. Eraldo, John, Nina, Al and the rest of their team were courteous, friendly and beyond helpful with all our our questions (and we had A LOT). When we noticed the hood wasn't latching just before leaving, they all jumped in to help and when we came back again just after leaving because we noticed a hose that was loose, they immediately put it up on the lift and corrected the issue. They put us at ease and made us feel confident with the car buying process (as well as entertaining our two small boys!). John also let us know that if we had any issues with our NYS inspection, to just give them a call and they'd be happy to fix them. Awesome experience, beyond happy with my purchase, and would highly recommend - totally worth the 2 hour drive from NY :)

Megan Schwenker

I felt comfortable and confident that I was getting the best deal. Highly recommend this place for anyone who is on the market for a vehicle!

Gisela Ballabani

Very friendly sales staff and they sell good vehicles. I bought a used 2007 Jetta from them and they didn't try to hide any cosmetic issues. The car was a fantastic price and the deal went down smoothly. Definitely a recommended dealer.

Brett Bernier

After doing some research on car prices online, I found a nice 2010 BMW335 that these guys had listed. The car had gone through a checkup, but I brought it to my mechanic to verify that everything is OK, since it is a used car after all. Everything was fine, just as they said. The people were very friendly and professional, and I was very pleased to receive such great service. They even detailed the car for me! I highly recommend this place!

Prospect Jewelers

Really good people and easy to deal with. Thank you guys.

Andi Pengu

They have great staff and great prices!! I appreciate the fact that they took the time to get to know me and get me in a car that I love! Thank you Al & John!!!!

Genevieve Okoro

Accompanied a good friend here to look at a car. John and everyone else here were extremely friendly and were willing to work with us so we could drive off the lot in said car that day since we had driven 3 hours to look at it. I am typically weary of used car lots but all the staff here were completely transparent about the pros and cons of the car and not trying to hide anything or price gouge us. All in all, top notch place with top notch used cars. Highly recommended!

Damian Pepin

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